CP Logistics Park: Vancouver


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CP Logistics Park: Vancouver

CP is proposing to construct a multi-modal, multi-commodity transload and logistics facility adjacent to its Vancouver Intermodal Facility in Pitt Meadows, to meet increased rail demand in Canada’s largest trade gateway.

Why is this project needed?

Population Growth

Metro Vancouver’s population is projected to grow by over one million residents in the next 30 years. More infrastructure capacity is needed to continue to supply the regional market with goods and create high quality employment. Moving more goods by rail, and removing trucks from local roads will also help alleviate congestion and reduce emissions. This project will increase efficiencies across the trade network and allow CP to meet the future needs of shippers.


Growth in Canadian trade

Growth in Canadian trade is driving the need for transportation infrastructure, including the proposed project. For example, CP is seeing continuous increased demand for the shipping of agriculture products, as demonstrated by consecutive record-breaking crop shipping years.


Legislative Mandate

Canada’s west coast ports are growing to handle rising demand, and the proposed CP Logistics Park: Vancouver will help maintain a strong supply chain. CP has a legislated mandate to move the goods and products offered to them, and providing this critical service is a core value to CP.