Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you launching the CP Logistics Park: Vancouver now?

  • CP has initiated a multi-year planning, consultation and regulatory process for the proposed project; it is important to us that we hear from the community early in this process.
  • If approved, the project would not be operational until late 2027 or sometime in 2028.
  • The proposed project is a critical piece of rail infrastructure to keep Canadian goods moving, create and sustain jobs and build confidence in Canada as a strong and sustainable global trading partner.

When did you begin informing the City about your intentions to propose the project?

  • The decision to enter the regulatory approval process for this project was made by CP in late 2020.
  • Before making that decision, CP notified and consulted with a number of key stakeholders between May and June, 2020. These stakeholders included:
    • Katzie First Nation;
    • Mayor and CAO of Pitt Meadows; and
    • Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Why this location?

  • We proactively put together a comparative site evaluation and we encourage members of the public to review this document and provide feedback.
  • CP purchased these lands a number of years ago because it met important technical requirements for a rail facility, including proximity to our existing intermodal operation and other critical transportation infrastructure, and required distance from residential communities.
  • In order to maximize the efficiency of the rail network and minimize impacts on the environment and communities, the proposed project needed to be situated in Metro Vancouver and close to our existing infrastructure.

How will CP work with Pitt Meadows and the Pitt Meadows Fire Department to address safety concerns?

  • We will continue to engage with the City and the Pitt Meadows Fire Department and solicit feedback for potential incorporation into the project’s design.
  • The proposed project would not be in operation (if approved) until late 2027 or 2028 and we will work with emergency response agencies to ensure the necessary training and procedures are in place before operation.
  • Operating safely is a responsibility CP takes very seriously; it is a core foundation of CP’s operations.
  • CP has operated the safest railway in North America according to Federal Railroad Administration train accident frequency for the past 14 years.
  • The proposed project would allow CP to create a facility that incorporates technology that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements to meet local demand for everyday transportation fuels like gasoline and ‘green’ additives like ethanol.
  • CP has a legislated mandate to safely move these goods through communities across Canada and the U.S.

What will CP do to minimize disruptions from light and noise?

  • Mitigating impacts to the community is a key consideration as the proposed project moves forward.
  • CP is collecting information and conducting studies to understand the potential impacts from light, noise, vibration, and other community priorities.
  • These studies are undertaken by independent environmental professionals with expertise in relevant fields.
  • You can read about any potential impacts, as well as CP’s potential mitigation approaches in the Round 2 consultation discussion guide.
  • The final results from the ongoing Environmental Effects Evaluation will be available in the next round of community consultation.
  • CP has worked collaboratively with our neighbours to adjust lighting at our existing auto lot.

Will this project impact air quality?

    • Because the Environmental Effects Evaluation is still underway, we do not have this data yet.
    • A comprehensive study is underway to provide an accurate assessment of any impacts to air quality. You can read about the study objectives and potential mitigation approaches in the Round 2 consultation discussion guide.
    • We anticipate this project would result in fewer truck trips in the region by displacing regional truck traffic.
    • Moving goods via rail instead of by truck results in 75% fewer emissions.
    • We look forward to discussing this in greater detail during further rounds of consultation, once we better understand the potential impacts related to this important priority.

Will this project impact traffic in the area?

  • We expect this project will result in a reduction in the amount of truck trips in the region.
  • Proximity to the existing Vancouver Intermodal Facility will dramatically reduce the amount of truck trips on regional roads.
  • A detailed traffic study is underway, and CP will share the results during future consultation and engagement sessions. You can read about the study objectives and potential mitigation approaches in the Round 2 consultation discussion guide.

Who will make the final decision for this project to proceed?

  • This project remains subject to regulatory approval from the Canada Transportation Agency, and a final investment decision by CP.
  • CP’s regulatory application will incorporate feedback from stakeholders and the community based on the extensive consultation process CP is now embarking on.
  • For more information about the Canadian Transportation Agency’s process, please visit:

Is the CP Logistics Park: Vancouver project part of or dependent on the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project?

No. The CP Logistics Park: Vancouver project is not part of or dependent on the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is leading the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project in partnership with CP and the City of Pitt Meadows.

More information about the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project can be found on the project website.