Project benefits

This proposed project will create a critical piece of infrastructure to keep Canadian goods moving, create and sustain jobs and build confidence in Canada as a strong and sustainable global trading partner. The project will have a variety of economic and environmental benefits at the local, provincial and national level.

Economic benefits

Economic benefits

  • Increasing market access for inbound and outbound shipments;
  • Helping Canadian farmers access markets in Asia, including specialty products;
  • Creating direct and indirect jobs in transportation, agriculture and other industries;
  • Adding capacity to support Canadian and provincial trade goals;
  • Strengthening Canada‚Äôs economic competitiveness by improving the efficiency of railways; and
  • Contributing to economic recovery following the COVID-19 downturn.

Environmental benefits

  • Reducing the number of truck movements on regional highways by moving more goods by rail, reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Cutting shipping emissions by reducing the number of empty containers shipped to Asia and from Canada and increasing supply chain efficiency; and
  • Adding a modernized auto lot with electric vehicle charging stations, helping suppliers meet demand for electric vehicles in British Columbia.

Community benefits

  • Providing approximately 150-250 direct jobs as well as contracting opportunities for local residents and businesses;
  • Creating hundreds of jobs during construction and supporting indirect employment throughout the community; and
  • Contributing $4.1 million in property taxes to the City of Pitt Meadows annually once the project is complete.